Know Your Strengths - 2x coaching sessions with The Strengths Deck

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This is your turbo-charged introduction to the power of your personal strengths, using The Strengths Deck.

We kick off with a 90min coaching session to explore where the 75 strengths of The Strengths Deck land on the Strengths Deck matrix for you right now.

Then we'll talk strategies for making the most of your strengths, neutralising your weaknesses, and creating the kind of life and work you've been dreaming of.

We follow up 2-6 weeks later with a 60min session to make sure that your strategies are working for you, and that you're on track to achieve your goals and enhance your wellbeing.

The programme price includes a set of The Strengths Deck cards and matrix for you to keep, so that you can return to the strengths-sorting exercise again and again. I recommend that you review your strengths every 6-12 months, or whenever you face a significant change at work or home. That way, you've always got the power of your personal strengths working for you.

This price includes a discount for payment in full at the start of your programme. If you would like to pay by installments ($429 for first session, $270 for second session), please email me on

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