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Each pack of The Strengths Deck cards contains 75 strengths cards, 2 blank strengths cards, 2 instruction cards, 1 Strengths Group card, and 5 self-coaching cards. You get everything you need to:

  • discover your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in-between
  • develop strategies to make the most of your unique strengths fingerprint, and
  • create the life and work you’ve been dreaming of

If you’re keen to purchase a multi-pack of The Strengths Deck for your team or organisation, please get in touch by email. I also offer special discounts to charitable and community organisations.

Unleash Your Awesome pre-order

My first book, ‘Unleash Your Awesome’, will be published in February 2023. It’s your tool to find clarity on what you love, what you’re great at, and how you can achieve more without burning out. Built for motivated, busy people, this handbook is your practical, easy-to-implement guide to identifying and leveraging your strengths.

Pre-orders are now open! All purchases during the pre-sale period will get access to an exclusive set of bonus content not available anywhere else. And organisations or groups that order 20 copies or more will get a free, for-your-eyes-only, interactive Zoom webinar to help you unleash your collective awesome.

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If you’re interested in 1:1 strengths coaching, or running a Strengths Deck workshop with your team or community group, drop me an email, or send me a message via the contact page. Or you can book your free discovery call directly in my calendar here.


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