The great unboxing

I have a confession: I love watching unboxing videos.

Not the ones where people are paid to unbox a company’s product and rave about it to drive sales.

But the pure, unadulterated joy of someone unboxing something they have worked long and hard to create – like a book.

So when the printed copies of my book, ‘Unleash Your Awesome’ turned up two weeks before I expected them, right in the middle of a book club Zoom, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

And my lovely book club peeps generously allowed me to derail our conversation for a few minutes while I unboxed my books.

My first-ever unboxing video

So, if you fancy being entertained by me losing a few of my marbles as I see my book in real life for the very first time, check out my awkward-as-heck unboxing video below!

Get your copy!

If you want to get your hands on a copy of ‘Unleash Your Awesome’, grab it during the pre-order period (ending 17th February 2023) and you’ll get access to exclusive bonus content not available anywhere else.

Visit the pre-order page here. Currently available in paperback and Kindle. Print-on-demand coming soon.

If you want to find out more about the author, Daria Williamson, check out her website here.

Image of book cover. At the top is the author's name (Daria Williamson). The main title is surrounded by a box. The title is 'Unleash Your Awesome', with the last word in bright, colourful letters slightly jumbled, and spilling over the edges of the box. The subtitle is 'How to live and work from your Zone of Genius'

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