The ‘Unleash Your Awesome’ launch party

People listening to a speech; the speaker is on the right-hand side of the photo

The first book launch party that I ever attended was for my own book!

In mid-February, I held the launch for ‘Unleash Your Awesome‘, and it was a double celebration.

Not only did I savour the accomplishment of a long-held dream of publishing a book, it was also my birthday!

So I was delighted to have family, friends, colleagues, and clients join me for a bit of a knees-up at a local social enterprise (you can read more about them here).

Why not grab your copy of ‘Unleash Your Awesome’ from the Store? You can pick up a set of The Strengths Deck cards, and get a great deal when you bundle the book and cards together.

Daria Williamson, a dark-haired woman, is standing in front of a wall painted like a jungle, smiling at the camera. She is holding out a copy of her book "Unleash Your Awesome"

Launch party photos

Official photos

My friend and very talented photographer Katrina Johns of Accent Photography and Social Shoots took photos on the night. Check out how much fun we had! And if you’re looking for family portraits, or business photos, book in with Katrina – as you can see, she does a great job!

Candid snaps

A few people snapped some great shots on the night… here’s a sampling!

The venue: Everybody Eats

Everybody Eats is an amazing social restaurant where you can get chef-prepared 3-course meals on a pay-as-you-feel model.

They’re tackling food waste, food poverty, and social isolation. They take perfectly good food that would otherwise be going to landfill, and turn it into delicious dinners – feeding bellies not bins.

Anyone can turn up at a restaurant, be treated to friendly and welcoming service by the volunteers, sit at a shared table, enjoy their meal, and then pay whatever they can and want towards their meal. No one keeps tabs on who has paid what; some diners can’t afford to pay, while the generosity of those who can makes up the difference. 

There are currently three Everybody Eats restaurants: Onehunga, Auckland (Sun-Thurs), Glen Innes, Auckland (Sun-Thurs) and central Wellington (Sun-Wed).

They’re always on the lookout for volunteers, donors, and partners. I encourage you to go and enjoy a meal there if you can. (Bookings are taken only for groups of 6+). I volunteer a couple of times a month, and it’s always an absolute joy to be involved.

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