Unleash Your Awesome hits Spotify Premium!

Excitement levels went through the roof in my household recently, with the announcement that Spotify Premium subscribers in New Zealand now have access to 15 hours of audiobooks per month.

I’m excited, because I love audiobooks. And I’m doubly-excited, because the Unleash Your Awesome audiobook is on Spotify, and now you can listen to it at no extra cost (if you’re on a subscription, that is).

The more ears that Unleash Your Awesome attracts, the more the message of the strengths-based approach will spread. 

And the more people who know how to identify and leverage their strengths, the happier, more energised, more engaged, and more accomplished we will all be!

So, why not add the book to your listening queue? And tell your friends about it too!

Text and image based graphic. Title: "Guess what?" then and image of books on a bookshelf and the text "Audiobooks now included in Spotify Premium in Ireland, New Zealand, and Canada" Sub-title "That includes" and an arrow pointing to the cover image of 'Unleash Your Awesome: How to live and work from your Zone of Genius' by Daria Williamson. Sub-title "Give it a listen today!" At the bottom of the image is the logo for Daria Williamson, with the words 'Coach ~ Facilitator ~ Trainer' and the URL dariawilliamson.com

Special offer:

If you buy a set of The Strengths Deck cards, or the Unleash Your Awesome Bundle before midnight 31st May 2024 (NZ time), you’ll get NZ$10 off your purchase price. Just use code JZY73KJMM88J at checkout.

Head over to the Store now!

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