A sneak peek inside ‘Unleash Your Awesome’

I am a total bibliophile, and nothing makes me happier than getting a sneak peek inside a book that I’ve been wanting to read!

So I thought that I should make it easy for people just like you to sneak a peek inside ‘Unleash Your Awesome’. I’m in the process of organising the third print-run, and I’ve just received what’s known as an ‘unbound proof’ from the printer. That’s where they send the cover and pages exactly as they’ll look in the book, but they aren’t glued together.

And that means I can lay the book out nice and flat to take photos… all the better to show you what it looks like (albeit with my amateur photography efforts!)

Your sneak peek

In ‘Unleash Your Awesome’, I talk a lot about the importance of defining your strengths. Here’s a piece from the first chapter:

“Different strengths can come out in different contexts. For example, you might be great at and love following detailed and precise procedures at work. But when you’re cooking dinner, you may prefer to follow your intuition and make changes to a recipe every time you cook it. In one context you’re using a strength around putting things in order, in the other, you’re using strengths of creativity or improvement. If you decided to apply your creativity at work and make up a completely new way of doing things, you could create more problems than you solve. And if you always follow the rules in your cooking, you’ll never have a recipe that’s exactly to your tastes.”

A photograph of a two-page spread from Unleash Your Awesome. The pages visible are the first two pages of Chapter 1 'Strengths, Weaknesses, and Everything In Between'.
Chapter 1, sneak peek!

Not just theory, but practical tips too

A photograph of a two-page spread from Unleash Your Awesome. The pages visible are from Chapter 10 'Create and Implement Your Personal Strengths Playbook'.

There are so many misconceptions about what classifies a “strength”, and in my book I set out to dispel some of those myths.

By identifying your strengths and digging into how you can use them to make smart decisions, you’ll be far closer to unleashing your awesome.

And throughout the book, I give you practical tools and strategies that you can use to build your very own ‘Personal Strength Playbook’. Your playbook will help you to:

  • make the most of your strengths,
  • neutralise your weaknesses, and
  • look after your wellbeing.

All while you pursue your goals and achieve your dreams.

Check out the layout

‘Unleash Your Awesome’ also makes a great gift or a resource for your work team! Email me to enquire about a discount for bulk purchases.

Or pick up your copy now by clicking here!

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