Podcast episode: Strengths and The Happy Engineer

I was delighted to join Zach White for an episode on his podcast The Happy Engineer.

Don’t be fooled by podcast title – it’s not just for engineers! Zach does a fantastic job of helping people achieve career success by intentional design.

We talked hobbits, guitars, the power of 1% improvements, and how my new book Unleash Your Awesome teaches you to use your personal strengths to build the kind of life and work you’ve been dreaming of.

A riddle from the episode: What's the link between rock arenas and strengths?

One of my favourite ways to talk about strengths is by using stories that people can relate to – you can see in the screengrab that Zach is smiling in recognition as I explain the link between rock arenas and personal strengths.

If you want to find out what the link is, watch the full episode of the podcast below, or jump over to the podcast platforms below 👂🏻🎧

This was a fun and wide-ranging conversation. It was so cool to see how you use your strengths to help your guests and listeners shine with theirs.

Screenshot from a video, with two faces side by side. On the left is a woman (Daria Williamson), and on the right is a man (Zach White). They are smiling at the camera. There is a subtitle at the bottom which says "and rock arenas" in bold white text.

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